Outdoor heat insulation (OHI)

NEBOPAN is developping its members’ expertise on new alternative solutions to wood and strikes up an active partnership with James Hardie, the world number one in composite cement cladding. Wiser of this success engendered by the new alternative solutions to wood, the world number one in composite cement cladding strengthens his partnership with the French businesses. The relations with NEBOPAN organization have been developing with the training of 25 collaborators in the early March at Rullier Bois’. « The adoption by our customers in the joinery and construction industries of OHI new solutions goes through perfect knowledge of our products and their implementation to our distributors», Mathieu Prieur, in charge of the national distribution at James Hardie’s, says.
Targeting to create a real network of referent professionals, this “programme for distributors”, devising by James Hardie, is an additional step to his stand on the French market. It goes along with a great and regular growth which began ten years ago when the organization, originally Australian,
set up in Europe. In order to meet the needs more and more requiring in terms of airtightness (2012 thermal regulations) but also in terms of esthetics, the cement cladding products are evolving quickly as well as their implementation. « At NEBOPAN’s we met professionals open to innovative solutions and with great seriousness in their concern to know and manage the products they distribute, Mathieu Prieur acknowledges. This is the reason why we have chosen the group as a priviledged partner». By the end of 2014, all the group’s members will have taken this training.
HardiePlank® and HardieLinea® clapboard cladding are thus available at NEBOPAN’s members who enjoy widening their solutions for the outside covering of new houses or houses under renovation.
In addition, James Hardie is setting up a “programme for companies” which is targeting a direct approach with the companies that promote and use his products in order to offer them all the useful knowledge on their implementation in optimal conditions.