SHARING experiences and values
DEVELOPING one's company
CAPTURING market shares

Becoming NEBOPAN’s member

Created in 1995 NEBOPAN has developed a spirit of confidence and conviviality among all its members which enables it to undertake new projects each year.
Unique in France our group of companies will allow you developing synergies especially in the purchasing and training areas and the representation to institutions.
By joining us you give your company the opportunity to enter a new dynamics of growth and performance while maintaining your independence.

Joining us is offering you a chance:

  • To increase your strength to common suppliers and to strengthen your competitiveness.
  • To apprehend your job’s evolution with clarity.
  • To find the right balance between independence and growth.

How to become a member

The membership to NEBOPAN is the object of a procedure introduced gradually for a year and which enables the group’s members and the new coming one to meet and make up their minds wisely.
Here is your contact for further information:
Véronique Augereau :
00339 63 27 76 74
00336 14 47 59 95