SCA TIMBER FRANCE welcomes Nebopan

It was on a sunny day, on 22 April 2015, that Nebopan decided to visit SCA’s Rochefort site in France.
Fifteen decision-makers from Nebopan, part of the central procurement group CMEM, had the chance to look around SCA’s timber import terminal, as well as its three on-site planing lines.
“It’s always a pleasure to show our customers around our facility,” said Benjamin Bodet, Site Manager.



NEBOPAN welcomes two new members in La Rochelle

Gathered at La Rochelle summer university in the late September, the directors of the first French organization of independent SMU working in the wood industry and its derivatives welcomed two new members. “Yvon & Fils” and “Coste-Meynot”, respectively represented by Alexandre Yvon and Christophe Genson, make the number of companies member of the group increase to twenty.

alexandre-yvon-sfm_nebopan_webSituated in Le Mans, “Yvon & Fils” is a family business which has had a long tradition in import, processing work and delivey of wood and its derivatives since 1830. With its nine points of sale spread over a great quarter of northern and western France it has developed business relations with NEBOPAN’s members for several years. Jean-François Yvon and his son Alexandre, in charge of the trade management, have been following the increase in importance of the group and thus decided to become members in the late 2013. « If we want to remain strong and independent, it is
necessary to bring about synergies with other large-scale companies which are similar both in terms of history and in terms of vision of the job. I have totally been appealed to the group’s pragmatism and efficiency. I also find important that NEBOPAN is not just a board of directors but gives a great
value to all the the jobs in my company. I am expecting a lot of this new membership and I am sure that all “Yvon & Fils” teams will actively take part in the various actions set up by NEBOPAN», Alexandre Yvon said.

christophe-genson-coste-meynot_nebopan_webIn addition to the entrance of two new companies, the summer university enabled to prepare the powerful moments of the group and especially the meetings with the suppliers held in November and Eurexpo show in 2015. Organized every two years in Lyon, this show offers a hundred industrialists the opportunity to meet all the companies of the group.

Still concerning the sharing of experience, Cédric Lalliard, manager of Lalliard Bois set out his way to broach time management, opening up to very rich exchanges on this issue common to all managers.
NEBOPAN had invited Jean Bakouma, Biodiversity and Ecological Impression assistant-manager of “WWF”, to take part in its work, as an outside contributor. The quality of his speech on illegal wood has been greeted with one accord.

Outdoor heat insulation (OHI)

NEBOPAN is developping its members’ expertise on new alternative solutions to wood and strikes up an active partnership with James Hardie, the world number one in composite cement cladding. Wiser of this success engendered by the new alternative solutions to wood, the world number one in composite cement cladding strengthens his partnership with the French businesses. The relations with NEBOPAN organization have been developing with the training of 25 collaborators in the early March at Rullier Bois’. « The adoption by our customers in the joinery and construction industries of OHI new solutions goes through perfect knowledge of our products and their implementation to our distributors», Mathieu Prieur, in charge of the national distribution at James Hardie’s, says.
Targeting to create a real network of referent professionals, this “programme for distributors”, devising by James Hardie, is an additional step to his stand on the French market. It goes along with a great and regular growth which began ten years ago when the organization, originally Australian,
set up in Europe. In order to meet the needs more and more requiring in terms of airtightness (2012 thermal regulations) but also in terms of esthetics, the cement cladding products are evolving quickly as well as their implementation. « At NEBOPAN’s we met professionals open to innovative solutions and with great seriousness in their concern to know and manage the products they distribute, Mathieu Prieur acknowledges. This is the reason why we have chosen the group as a priviledged partner». By the end of 2014, all the group’s members will have taken this training.
HardiePlank® and HardieLinea® clapboard cladding are thus available at NEBOPAN’s members who enjoy widening their solutions for the outside covering of new houses or houses under renovation.
In addition, James Hardie is setting up a “programme for companies” which is targeting a direct approach with the companies that promote and use his products in order to offer them all the useful knowledge on their implementation in optimal conditions.

Partnership with La Rochelle University

25 collaborators from the technical sales teams of the group’s companies went back to university for two days to improve their knowledge on the process of wooden construction.
It was an original initiative which gathered in the civil engineering polytechnic institute of La Rochelle in the late February 25 collaborators from the group’s various companies. The technical sales teams of the group’s companies, more used to the workshops and the building sites of their customers, went back to university for two days to improve their knowledge on the process of wooden construction.
The programme, concocted and tailor-made by Gérard Schellenbaum, departmental head assistant of this polytechnic institute renowned for the excellence of its diplomas and its wood construction courses, targeted to bring to perfection the participants’ skills on the wooden materials and its
derivatives but also to increase their theoretical knowledge of the 31.2* and 41.2** two-year diplomas taken at a technical college after the baccalauréat all along with the new norms of the 2012 thermal regulations on airtightness.
Alternating courses and practical work on the outstanding technological wherewithal in the wood space laid out at the university, the intensive training enabled each participant to leave with a stock of knowledge which will allow them giving a more detailed support to their customers both in need
of real advice and a relevant answer. « Our customers, as Virginie Ramio, technical saleswoman at Ratheau group underlines, often ask us questions which widely go beyond our products and we have to give them wise advice. But our answers have to be backed up and sure should we need them
to be efficient and convincing. Estimate, as far as construction is concerned does not exist and above all if it is linked to regulation! »
Beyond the wealth of the experiments these collaborators of the first French organization of independent SMU working in the wood industry and its derivatives have been confronted to, this advanced course is particularily strategic in the background of a construction branch made vulnerable by the crisis but where the market of wooden construction is playing its game well. A success to be encouraged by the professionalism, always more important, of the suppliers of the branch.
* Diploma 31.2 : Frame houses and buildings construction
** Diploma 41.2 : Building work. Wooden outside covering

Commando operation for the group’s company directors

In order to better apprehend the unexpected events linked to the management of their companies, whatever they are, NEBOPAN 18 member directors took part in a cohesion seminar last December in an extraordinary place.
On the playground of Lorient old naval base of 45 000 square meters, these two days, perfectly organized by Pégasus-Leadership team, have put to the test the ability of each participant to collaborate and anticipate the frailties linked to human factors of an organization. Far from the wood universe, it was on the water that they surpassed themselves to take over the motives of a method originally developed for the Marines.
The efficiency of the method was approved unanimously during this first seminar organized by NEBOPAN outside the companies. It enabled to be aware of what the management of a situation, whatever unexpected and delicate it is, must contain as part of the preparation, thought and allocation to each member of a clear and coherent mission all along with its skills. « Then, according to one of the participants, you have to trust and respect the pre-eminence of the link-man over his skills, putting aside the hierarchical aspect of the relation»: it is called team intelligence.
Everybody understood the importance of the renowned “feedback” too often neglected in the daily management: « The feedback at the end of each mission is essential to engender progress, savings and efficiency. Both a rigorous and careful discipline which allows avoiding the two traps, habit and obviousness, classical in our companies».
This most invigorating seminar marks a new step in the relations of cooperation which join up NEBOPAN group’s members. Created in 1995 it today totals up 18 companies working in the wood industry and its derivatives for an accumulated turnover of 369 M€ in 2013. Dynamic, open-minded and respecting the independence of each member, the organization regularly welcomes new members.