First organization of independent specialists

Created in 1994, NEBOPAN is today composed of:

  • 23 SMU coming from the business of wood, panels and derivatives;
  • 95 points of sale ;
  • 1650 collaborators ;
  • 30 000 customers ;
  • 1000 suppliers ;
  • 2018 turnover : € 620M

First French organization of independent SMU working in the wood industry and its derivatives, NEBOPAN enjoys a spirit of confidence, conviviality and solidarity among all its members.
Based upon the sharing of means and experience, the group allows each company developing by respecting its own strategy while benefiting from the numerous common actions.

Efficient in action

Throughout the year NEBOPAN’s members take part in common tasks. They also benefit from the force of representation of the group to various organizations and institutions. Further details.

  • Benchmarking and sharing of good pratice.
    Regular meetings between collaborators organised per job : logistics, sales department, marketing, finance, human resources, production, research departments, computer science, distribution/points of sale.
  • Negotiation of priviledged sales conditions.
    A full membership to CMEM, Centrale Multi-Enseignes Matériaux, to obtain defered advantages to the 700 listed suppliers. Meetings between NEBOPAN’s members to buy in bulk and negotiate with common suppliers.
    Purchases of services with conditions negotiated with service providers selected by NEBOPAN: communication and media, telephony, various materials, etc.
  • Optimization of relations with suppliers
    Regular meetings with suppliers concerning NEBOPAN five “Products’ Committee” : Wood, Panels, Parquet floors, Insulation, Joinery. Priviledged relations and exchanges on the products and their promotion.
  • Development through training
    Inter-companies training courses for the collaborators of NEBOPAN’s members.
  • Mutualization of researches and documents
    Free disposal of the suppliers’ Operational Performance Reporting (OPR).
    Measurement of the customers’ satisfaction, sales diagnosis.
    Access to the intranet of the group: database organised per job.
  • Communication
    Website, press relations, organization of events.

Open to new members

Because “Individualism and independence do not mix” *, NEBOPAN is eager to open up to the great majority respecting its values.

* Michel-Edouard Leclerc