Crossroads of exchange and sharing, NEBOPAN is run by an operational manager.

Ten commissions regularly gather collaborators on issues linked to their jobs: logistics, sales
department, marketing, finance, human resources, research departments, points of sale, production
units, computer science. Special commissions: Joinery, Parquet floors.

All the managers of the member companies join a plenary assembly four times a year and define the
general strategy, the priorities and the actions to come.

The chairman elected for two years is surrounded by a vice-chairman and a treasurer.

2015-2016 corporate governance 

Chairman : Cédric Lalliard – Lalliard Bois
Vice-Chairman : Stéphane Descamps – Descamps
Treasurer : Elisabeth Polombo – Groupe Ratheau

Operational manager : Yves Gondran-Tellier
Assistant : Véronique Augereau