Beyond the first commitment to propose customers wooden-panels solutions which meet strict criteria of quality in economically competitive conditions, NEBOPAN’s companies join forces to win agreement for the environmental approach in the construction industry. They also undertake to fight for a common vision of their jobs in the various professional organizations.

Charte Environnementale du Commerce du Bois


By becoming members of the “Charte Environnementale du Commerce du Bois (LCB)”, most of the group’s companies commit themselves to increasing their purchases of green-certified wood and to promoting this step to their suppliers and partners.
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FSC® and PEFC control lines

Most of NEBOPAN’s members have obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsment of Forest Certification) control lines certifications which guarantee the marketing of wood and panels coming from lasting and responsibly handled forests. Created in 1993 the Forest Stewardship Council initially concerns tropical and boreal hardwood. Today it impacts 181 million hectares worldwide.
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Created in 1999 the Program for the Endorsment of Forest Certification schemes initially applies to european wood. Today it impacts 258 million hectares in Europe.
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NEBOPAN’s members certified FSC® and PEFC have thus set up procedures which respect the requirements of these two labels in order to insure tracking of their purchases and sales. From the industrialist to the merchant, the intermediaries of the subsidiary who have obtained the control lines certification respect the work of protection carried out beforehand by foresters.

Involvement in institutions

In order to better give value to the interests of the business of wooden-panels, NEBOPAN has representatives in the following professional organizations:

  • “Fédération du Négoce Bois et Matériaux de construction (FNBM)” Board of directors
  • “FNBM” social Committee
  • “Centrale Multi-Enseignes Matériaux (CMEM)” Board of directors
  • “CMEM” Wood Commission Chairmanship
  • “Commerce du Bois (LCB)” Board of directors
  • “Menuiserie Multi-Enseignes (MME)” Chairmanship