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SCA TIMBER FRANCE welcomes Nebopan

It was on a sunny day, on 22 April 2015, that Nebopan decided to visit SCA’s Rochefort site in France. Fifteen decision-makers from Nebopan, part of the central procurement group CMEM, had the chance to look around SCA’s timber import terminal, as well as its three on-site planing lines. “It’s always a pleasure to show […]

NEBOPAN welcomes two new members in La Rochelle

Gathered at La Rochelle summer university in the late September, the directors of the first French organization of independent SMU working in the wood industry and its derivatives welcomed two new members. “Yvon & Fils” and “Coste-Meynot”, respectively represented by Alexandre Yvon and Christophe Genson, make the number of companies member of the group increase […]

Outdoor heat insulation (OHI)

NEBOPAN is developping its members’ expertise on new alternative solutions to wood and strikes up an active partnership with James Hardie, the world number one in composite cement cladding. Wiser of this success engendered by the new alternative solutions to wood, the world number one in composite cement cladding strengthens his partnership with the French […]

Partnership with La Rochelle University

25 collaborators from the technical sales teams of the group’s companies went back to university for two days to improve their knowledge on the process of wooden construction. It was an original initiative which gathered in the civil engineering polytechnic institute of La Rochelle in the late February 25 collaborators from the group’s various companies. […]

Commando operation for the group’s company directors

In order to better apprehend the unexpected events linked to the management of their companies, whatever they are, NEBOPAN 18 member directors took part in a cohesion seminar last December in an extraordinary place. On the playground of Lorient old naval base of 45 000 square meters, these two days, perfectly organized by Pégasus-Leadership team, […]